Year 6 Play Rehearsals and School Journey Planning

Both Year 6 classes are now in full rehearsal mode for the end of year play. We will be performing X-Factory on 18th July, with a 2pm and a 6pm performance. We don’t want to give too much away but the plot involves a school and an Ofsted inspection!

This is very much early days for our rehearsals. The casting is complete and the actors all have their lines to learn. Plenty of music and singing is also involved in the production.

A short break from rehearsals will take place when the pupils head to Bournemouth on the Year 6 School Journey. An amazing schedule of activities has been put together. These include a boat trip to an island, exploring a castle and Monkey World!

The weather forecast for the week away is not looking too great. The pupils have been reminded to pack their X-Factory scripts just in case we need to rehearse!

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