Burnet News Club at Buckingham Palace!

We are very proud of the achievements of the Burnet News Club over the past year. Each week students in Year 6 meet under the expert guidance of Club Leader Leanne to prepare reports about current affairs.

This has been a particularly successful year for the Michael Faraday students. We were thrilled when our News Club members were invited to a special awards ceremony that took place at Buckingham Palace!

One of our students won the Outstanding Student award. This was in recognition of his news report looking at the issues involving knife crime.

The work was read out to a VIP audience that included Alastair Stewart and professional journalists from The Economist. A certificate was presented. This was the only boy to receive an award on the night.

We are hopeful of continuing with the Burnet News Club at the start of the new school year. Students get to learn news skills such as video and audio production. This is combined with work on writing balanced news reports.

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