Snail Trail in Reception!

The Reception children are reading Snail Trail as one of our final books for the summer term. This has sparked an interest in the children in learning more about snails!

We were able to see snails and many other mini beasts during our recent trip to the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in East Dulwich. The children took part in a bug hunt as well as a pond dipping session.

Back at school and Reception have been thinking about the type of environment that snails like to live in. We have built some replicas of these using recycled materials or construction blocks.

Elsewhere in Reception and our summer maths learning has looked at the idea of one more and one less. The children have compared numbers to identify which are larger and which are smaller.

Finally the transition to Year 1 in September is underway! The children have met their new Year 1 teachers. More time will be spent in Key Stage 1 ahead of the summer break.

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