Year 1 Build Toy Windmills in D&T Workshop

Both Year 1 classes recently enjoyed a visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood. We have started our summer term topic looking at old and new toys.

The pupils were able to see at first hand some of the very old toys that children played with dating back to Victorian times. We have followed this work up back in class with some descriptive writing comparing old and new.

The toy theme continued with a D&T session with our good friend of the school, Paul. The aim was to make a toy windmill which we could then take home.

Paul explained each step of the instructions that needed to be followed to build a working windmill. We also use this as an opportunity to talk about shapes. Some of the pupils were able to identify terms such as diagonal lines.

Once the windmill sails were complete we added in an axel. The final task was to attach our windmills to a handle. The windmills were then tested outside in the light summer breeze.

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