Year 2 Plant Detectives Explore the School Garden

Year 2 are learning about the different parts of plants and trees as part of our science learning. The children should all now be able to identify the key parts and explain their function. We have studied the roots, the stem, branches, twigs and leaves.

This learning concluded with the children becoming plant detectives in the school garden. We set out on a hunt to try and find and identify as many different leaves that we could.

A little guidance was given. Our amazing growing vegetable patch was out of bounds. We didn’t want to harm the summer harvest as it was about to peak. The class members were also told to stay clear of stinging nettles!

An impressive collection of leaves were found around the school grounds. Small samples of these were collected. The next step will be to identify which plants and trees they have come from.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and both classes had a brilliant time on a recent trip to the Dulwich Picture Gallery. We attended a workshop which helped the pupils with their understanding of identity.

Our workshop started by helping to define what we mean by identity. The children were asked to volunteer ideas about what they think their own identity is. A deeper question considered if identity is only about the way you look. Plenty to consider!

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