Year 6 Preparations for End of Year Play

Year 6 are currently in full rehearsal mode for the prestigious end of year play! Our production of X-Factory will take place at 2pm and 6pm on 18th July.

Recent sessions have included some time spent under the expert guidance of our music teacher Nora. The play includes some group and solo singing performances. Nora is working with the students to help them hit the right notes.

The pupils are also working hard on the speech and drama parts of the play. We have had a couple of run throughs from the start to the end of X-Factory. The focus is on stage directions and remembering the stage prompts.

We are also happy to report that the Michael Faraday School Journey to Bournemouth managed to survive the recent rainy weather! The forecast didn’t look too promising for the week away. No events were cancelled and we all managed to stay more or less dry!

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