Year 5 Release Butterflies into the Open

The Year 5 pupils recently released some beautiful butterflies into the open at the Michael Faraday orchid. We have been looking after the butterflies as they transformed from caterpillars to painted ladies.

Both classes took delivery of around twenty caterpillars. Over a two week period we fed the caterpillars with sugar and orange juice, as well as making sure that they had plenty of water.

It didn’t take long for the first changes to be observed inside the safe butterfly net. The pupils were able to witness at first hand as the caterpillars entered the pupa stage and became chrysalis.

Finally some beautiful adult butterflies emerged. We allowed these to grow strong and take on extra energy inside the butterfly net for a couple of days. It was then time to release them into the great wide open!

Class members took it in turns to rub some orange juice on their hands to entice the butterflies out of the net. They didn’t take much enticing!

This has been a fantastic project for the children to learn and observe the different transformation stages leading to the butterflies being ready to go their own way.

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