Y4 Return from Southwark Swimming Gala with Trophy!

We are very proud of the Year 4 swimmers that represented Michael Faraday School at a recent summer gala. The pupils returned with a relay winners trophy, as well as many individual medals.

All pupils have enjoyed their swimming lessons at the nearby Darwin Court throughout the summer term. Each Tuesday we attend lessons under the expert coaching of Charlie and Imogen.

One of the first tasks was to identify the current swimming levels for each class member. Our coaches were then able to put in place a swimming programme to help everyone to improve.

Tuition has been given across many swimming strokes. These include front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, dolphin and even butterfly! The pupils have gained confidence underwater by swimming through a hoop.

The finale of our swimming lessons was a grand gala held at Darwin Court. Michael Faraday School competed in a friendly series of races with three other primary schools from the borough.

This was a very professional event. Microphones were uses to introduce the swimmers. Each class got member got to compete in a race suited to their skill.

Some fantastic feedback was received about our pupils. It was commented by the gala organisers that all Year 4 pupils showed great support in cheering on the other schools.

Congratulations Year 4!

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