New Year 1 Children Start Transition to Key Stage 1

Both Year 1 classes have made a good start in the transition from Early Years Learning to Key Stage 1. There are a few changes and expectations in the classroom. The children now sit at their own table places. We are all getting familiar with the new routine and timetable.

One of the first exercises during the first week back was to take part in a carousel of learning activities. Each class member had the chance to rotate around the table activities.

One of the table tasks was to set our goals for the new school year ahead. Each class member was asked to write down which skills they would like to improve over the next three terms.

Drawing was another carousel activity. Class teachers Kelly and Badgie are keen to know more about the favourite books of each class member. They were asked to draw some of the characters from their favourite books. These pictures will decorate our book corner and show our love of reading in Year 1.

A third task involved experimenting with play-dough. The children were asked to create shapes and make some play-dough letters. The final activity involved mindful colouring. This helps the children to explore different colours and improve their hand coordination.

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