Year 3 Class Quiz and Growth Mindset!

Kate’s Year 3 class took part in a fun quiz during the first few days of the new autumn term. The aim was to work in teams and to see the level of knowledge that the pupils have. Plus class quizzes are always great fun!

Twenty testing questions were set for the quiz. The subject matter covered general knowledge, geography, local interest, maths, book characters, current affairs and history. A strict time limit of fifteen minutes was set to complete the question sheet.

Each team swapped their list of answers for a fellow team to mark. The standard of answers was incredibly high! The winning team managed an impressive sixteen out of twenty correct answers. They were rewarded with some fancy pencils.

Another early term activity in Year 3 is to explore the idea of growth mindset. This is the idea that our brains are muscles and we need to exercise them so they can grow stronger.

Our future work for this topic will be to see how we all need to keep on setting new targets and goals to help improve our brain capacity. An early introduction has seen the pupils create a model of their brains using paper plates and plenty of colour.

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