Year 4 Pupils Put Together Classroom Charter

One of the first tasks for the new Year 4 pupils was to agree on a set of class rules. Teachers Zoe and Kul explained how some basic rules can help us all to have an enjoyable year and achieve with our work.

We started this exercise with a class discussion about some of the aims we share for the year ahead. This allowed the pupils to then think of a set of rules that will help to make these targets happen.

The pupils then worked on writing a class charter containing their own ideas. We shared these in class, and then developed an overall Year 4 charter. The final task was to copy out our charter on some official looking paper.

Year 4 will revisit our class rules throughout the school year. We will assess how they are working, and make any changes if need be. You can listen to some of the pupils talking about this learning in the recording below.

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