Year 5 Start New School Term with Self Portraits

The new Year 5 pupils have spent the first few days of the autumn term working on some self portraits. The plan is to proudly display a gallery of the pupils in our classroom.

Class teachers Sophie and Elspeth have spent some time talking to the students about the techniques that we can use. The pupils have reached a level of learning where they can achieve higher than simple line drawings.

Instead the focus is on sketching and the use of shade. We have used mirrors to get an accurate portrayal of our unique looks. Different types of pencil thickness have also been used. The class members were asked to experiment to find a style that suited their talents.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and learning will soon start on our major class topic for the autumn term. We will be learning in great detail all about the Ancient Greek civilisation. A separate class trip is also being planned to the Science Museum for later in the month.

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