Year 6 Team Work and Ball Skills in PE

The Year 6 students have taken an enthusiastic approach to our early PE lessons for the autumn term. One of the themes is ball skills and how we can work together as a team.

Our first session of the new term saw a couple of games being introduced to the students. Cat and mouse involved the mouse team members wearing a bib as a tail. The cat team had to try and sneak up on them to remove the bibs.

Bench Ball was the main focus for the session. The aim is for one team to pass the ball to their team members standing on a bench. Caught up in the middle is the opponents who have to try and intercept the ball.

Class teacher Rebecca invited the players to share some tips at the end of the game. One of the students said that it helps if you look in the face of the team member you are making a pass with.

You can catch some of the action in the video above.

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