Djembe Drumming Tuition in Year 6

Year 6 are continuing with their weekly African drumming sessions. Each week our friends Sandra and Gina from Southwark Music Services provide expert djembe tuition in the outdoor pod.

Our second session started with a recap of some of the drumming basics. The pupils were able to remember that playing the drum in the middle of the djembe is called a beat. If we play the rhythm on the side then we call this an open drum.

Some warm up games followed. A rhythm was tapped out as each class member introduced themselves. Sandra gave the top tip of how we should bounce our hands lightly off the drum skin.

The main focus of the session was to explore a changing rhythm pattern. The pupils copied the patterns played by Sandra and Gina. New variations were added each time.

Both Year 6 classes are working towards staging a djembe drumming concert towards the end of the autumn term. You can listen to one of our early sessions in the recording below.

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