Three Little Pigs and Yoga with the New Nursery Children

The new Nursery children are settling in during their first few weeks at Michael Faraday School. Much of the time is spent getting to know the teaching staff and our other Nursery friends.

The late summer weather has been perfect for learning to play together! The children have been able to use our amazing outdoor Nursery space and explore the many resources.

We are already reading our first shared book. The children are learning about the Three Little Pigs story during Nursery carpet time.

Practical activities have included baking some wolf biscuits and preparing for our wolf party. The children will be making wolf sandwiches that we can all enjoy together.

It is also worth mentioning the regular yoga and music sessions that take place in the Nursery. Two yoga lessons with Serena take place each week. The children have also started their first music lessons with Noura.

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