Year 4 Creative Writing Based on Gregory Cool Book

Literacy learning in Year 4 has focussed on the story of Gregory Cool. This is a book that explores the idea of city living compared to living in rural Tobago.

The pupils have explored some of the themes in the story using drama. The aim was to find out how Gregory might feel when he was first told that he was moving to Tobago to live with his grandparents.

Year 4 are also working on re-telling the story in their own words. One of the aims for this piece of work is to encourage the pupils to work independently.

Our work started with a storyboard showing six scenes from the book. The class members described what is taking place in the plot for each picture.

Class teachers Kul and Zoe asked the pupils to think about the five senses when explaining the emotions of Gregory. Powerful verbs and adjectives were added to help make our stories exciting.

The final task was to re-write the first paragraph from Gregory Cool in our own words. Kul and Zoe asked: how can we make our stories interesting to someone who has never seen the book or been to Tobago?

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