Year 4 Learn New Tagging Games During PE Lessons

Zoe’s Year 4 class are playing tagging games as part of our PE learning. These require team work, strategies and quick thinking!

A recent session started with a warm up with the DVD game. Zoe issued different commands as the pupils moved around the gym. The response was to either skip, jog, pause or rewind.

Our first game was toilet tag. If you are tagged then you have to take the form of a toilet pose. The only way to be released is for a friend to flush your arm and set you free!

A new tagging game was introduced for this session. Sailors and Sharks involves sailors sitting on their mat ships as the sharps circulate.

The sailors are told by Zoe to abandon ship! They have to escape to a new mat before they are tagged by a shark. If they are tagged then they turn into a shark.

The Year 4 pupils showed some great tactics to work together and avoid the sharks. These ideas were shared at the end of the session, ahead of a gentle yoga stretch warm down.

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