Kate’s Year 3 Class Impress with First KS2 Assembly

Kate’s Year 3 class recently staged their first Key Stage 2 assembly. This was a major moment for the pupils. Kate has prepared the children to present their work in front of an audience of older pupils.

The theme for our assembly was the artist Claude Monet. We have researched the life and work of the French painter in class. Our art lessons have involved the Year 3 children attempting their own Impressionist style paintings.

Our assembly started with the life story of Monet recounted. All class members had a speaking part. We heard some very confident reading, with some pupils presenting their ideas without any prompts.

Year 3 then elaborated on their own artwork. Kate has encouraged the pupils to mix colours and also use a sketch style that was used by Monet. Examples of our artwork were shown during the assembly.

Next up for the pupils is a Monet walking tour of London. We will visit some of the famous landmarks that he painted. The pupils will take photos of the landscapes, and then use these back in class to recreate the paintings.

This was a great start for the Year 3 pupils with their first Key Stage 2 assembly. Their ideas and presentation received strong feedback from staff and other students.

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