Little Red Riding Hood and Wolves in the Nursery!

The new Nursery children have started their first learning as Michael Faraday School pupils. Our first class topic is traditional stories. One of our early books that we have shared is Little Red Riding Hood.

Class teachers Deanna and Catherine have asked the children to recount some of the major moments in the story. The children have also spoken about which parts of the story they enjoy.

Some dressing up sessions and role play then followed. Some of the Nursery wolves were very realistic and scary!

This story has sparked an interest in the children to learn more about wolves. We have looked at information books to help with this learning. The children have seen how wolves like to live in families and look after one another.

Other Nursery activities have seen the children building dens and enjoying our supermarket role play corner. We have also improved our early counting skills with regular carpet time to help with this learning.

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