Reception Bears and Shapes Learning

The Reception children are learning all about bears during the first half of the autumn term. We are enjoying the story of Goldilocks, as well as plenty of Bear Hunt sessions in our classroom!

Class teachers Emily and Ayshah have also introduced the children to information books. We have seen how we can use these to learn about different types of bears. The children are learning about brown bears, black bears and polar bears.

Our Reception maths learning is linked to this work. The Goldilocks story has helped the children to think about different sizes and how we can describe these.

We have also held porridge tasting sessions! The children were asked to sample a variety of toppings. Golden syrup proved to be the most popular.

Elsewhere and both Reception class recently enjoyed a shape hunt around the school. We are learning how to identify shapes. The task was set to try and find as many different shapes around our school building.

The children were asked to draw, label and also photograph each shape. Emily and Ayasha were impressed to see shapes such as an oval and a semi-circle being identified by the children.

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