Autumn Topic in the Michael Faraday Nursery

The Nursery children are looking at different pumpkins as part of their autumn topic. A range of different sizes and styles are available for the children to investigate.

Each class member has had a chance to hold the pumpkins and explore them in detail. Nursery teachers Deanna and Catherine asked each child which was their favourite pumpkin. The ‘alien’ pumpkin was the clear winner!

We have also used this exercise to help with our early maths learning. The children were asked to identify which was the largest and smallest pumpkin, and which one was the heaviest.

Our autumn learning has also seen the children head outdoors into our playground and forest area on a leaf hunt. The challenge was set to find as many different types of leaves as possible.

The children were asked to describe each leaf and explain how they are different from others. We were surprised to see so many different styles in our playground!

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