Reception Children Enjoy Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Reception children are coming towards the close of their teddy bear topic. We have read teddy bear books such as Can’t You Sleep Little Bear.

We celebrated the end of the topic by staging a teddy bears’ picnic. Many children brought in their favourite teddy bear from home to join in with the fun. Sandwiches and fruit were available to share amongst our friends.

Elsewhere in Reception and the children have started an introduction to the topic of time. We have sequenced our daily routine to show when each activity takes place.

Work has started to understand an analogue clock. The children are looking at the numbers and using vocabulary such as ‘O clock.

Other maths learning has looked at the idea of more or few. We have compared quantities of different items and used sentences such as one more or one less.

Our main Reception topic after the half term break will look at festivals and celebrations. The children will be finding out about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas. This learning will be linked to our own celebrations of these events.

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