Year 1 Maths and English Work Ahead of Half Term

Year 1 ended the first half of the autumn term with a celebration of our maths skills. The transition from Early Years to Key Stage 1 involves a step up in maths learning. The pupils have had a great start to the year!

Our knowledge came together in the form of some posters. Each class member was asked to design a poster to show how we can represent different values. Examples included pictures of eleven elephants of ten footballs.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and our English learning has looked at the use of rhyming words. The pupils are reading the book Oi Frog. This contains pairs of rhyming words such as frog and log.

The challenge was set for the Year 1 children to come up with their own rhyming words that could be used in the story. We then used this information to re-write our own versions of Oi Frog.

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