Year 4 Roman Research Topic

The Year 4 pupils are progressing with their Romans history topic. This is a major piece of learning that will continue after the half term break.

Our early learning has looked at the history of the Roman Empire. We have researched how the Empire was founded, and then how it was able to expand throughout Europe.

The pupils have completed a fact sheet to show their knowledge. This included information on how the Celts fought back when the Roman army invaded Britain.

Battle tactics have also featured. Year 4 have seen some of the tactics and armoury used by the Romans. We have studied their shields and the use of formations to form a unit.

This led to some artwork. Each class member has designed their own Roman shield. These were personalised with some features that were unique to each class member.

All Year 4 pupils are taking part in a fantastic Roman workshop straight after the half term break. We don’t want to give away any more information and spoil the surprise…

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