Year 5 Bikeability Cycle Training Video

The Year 5 pupils took part in a week of Bikeability workshops ahead of the half term break. The aim was to help all class members feel confident in riding their bikes in public places.

The pupils brought in their own bikes from home. The expert tutors from Bikeability carried out a safety check first on our bikes. Year 5 were given guidance on basic bike mechanics. We looked at checking the brakes and making sure that the chain was tight.

It was then time to start cycling! These sessions started off in the safe space of the school MUGA pitch. All pupils wore hi-vis vests for safety.

We were shown how to start riding with the correct pedal set position. The importance of looking over your shoulder was also made.

A cycle snake then moved around the MUGA pitch. This is where the pupils ride in a line, turning corners and keeping a safe distance from one another.

Once the instructors were satisfied that we were safe to leave the school, the next step was a short bike ride around the local community. Year 5 made the journey out of the school and to the nearby Burgess Park.

Instructions were given to look for oncoming traffic before we set off and how to hand signal at a junction. We are fortunate in that a Cycle Quiteway forms the main route from Michael Faraday to Burgess Park.

A 2km ride around the park followed. This involved going down and then back up the underpass. Guidance was given on when to brake and which gears to use.

The sessions finished with some bike games being played in one of the large open spaces at Burgess Park. We would like to thank the team at Bikeability for helping our pupils with their cycling skills.

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