First KS2 Assembly from Rafiat’s Year 3 Class

Rafiat’s Year 3 class recently staged their first Key Stage 2 assembly. This was a major moment for the pupils. It can be quite a challenge to present to some of the older pupils in the school.

Year 3 rose to the occasion with Rafiat’s class explaining more about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot. This is a story that we have researched back in class.

All pupils had a speaking part. We heard some confident reading as the tale of Guy Fawkes was told. Some class members took on the roles of the characters and acted out the story.

The class members then invited all Key Stage 2 pupils to join then in reciting the Remember, remember the 5th of November poem. Our assembly ended with a moment of reflection to consider why it is important that we have the freedom to practice our own beliefs.

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