Measurements and Estimations in Year 1

Year 1 are learning about non-standards units of measurements during our maths lessons. The aim is to give the children an understanding of ordering size and how we can measure this.

Our learning has also looked at the idea of estimates. We have seen how making a sensible guess about the size of something is a method that can help us to sort out different sizes.

Plenty of practical learning has taken place. One of the activities involved a group of pupils each having a length of string. Only one of these measured exactly a metre. The children worked together to try and estimate which string measured one metre.

Another task saw the children estimating how many steps it would take to walk from the Year 1 classroom to the school staircase. We then paced this out to check our estimation.

A final challenge was to order the feet size of the class members in a group. Each pupil took off one of their shoes. We then ordered these in size from the smallest to the largest.

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