Reception Diwali and Autumn Learning Topics

The Reception children are very excited about Diwali! We have seen how this is a time of celebration and great colour for Hindus. The children are learning more about the festival by creating some of the items used to celebrate this special time.

We have made rangoli patterns using dried fruit and pasta. A welcome message has been added. These are placed outside the houses of anyone celebrating Diwali.

The children are also reading the Rama and Sita story. We have made some puppets to help act out some of the scenes.

Class teachers Emily and Ayshah are very happy with the response from the Reception half term homework challenge. The children were asked to think about autumn and return with any suitable items that we can find in our gardens or local parks.

We has plenty of autumn leaves and conkers. Some of the children were able to label these and write some describing words in their class books.

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