Year 2 Combine Art and English with Bonfire Collage

Year 2 are celebrating the autumn season by looking at different festivals that take place around this time of year. We are counting down to Bonfire Night by working on an art and English project.

The children watched some short videos showing some major fireworks displays. Class teachers Sally and Emma asked the pupils to listen to the different sounds made by the fireworks.

This led to some fireworks collage pictures being created. The pupils used materials such as coloured paper, tin foil and glitter.

It was then time to add some descriptive words to our colours. Year 2 were introduced to the idea of onomatopoeia words. The children were able to see how words such as Pop! Bang! and fizzle! all sound like the noise that is being made.

The class members were asked to add at least three onomatopoeic words to their pictures. We also spoke about the use of exclamation marks to add some extra excitement.

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