Year 4 Set up Evaporation Science Experiment

Year 4 are continuing to experiment with changing states as part of their autumn term science topic. Previous work has shown a high temperature is ideal when trying to melt chocolate.

The pupils are now learning about evaporation. The aim of our current experiment is to find out what are the ideal conditions for evaporation to take place.

The starting point for this work was to look at how we can dry wet clothes. The pupils watched a short presentation explaining how water vapours turn into a gas as part of the evaporation process.

Class teach Zoe set the challenge to plan and set up an experiment to show evaporation taking place. The class members were asked to think about a method, the equipment needed and how we could keep it a fair test.

The class came up with the idea of dipping three small towels each in a container of water. We would weigh each towel to make sure that they were holding an identical amount of water.

The three towels would then be placed in three different environments: outside on the balcony, inside the classroom and in the fridge. We would weigh each towel at a set time interval to see if any water had evaporated.

Predictions were made by the pupils. We will be carrying out the experiment over the next week and then seeing if our predictions were accurate.

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