Year 4 Weekly Ukulele Sessions

Year 4 are having a fantastic time with their weekly ukulele session with Joe. This is the first time that the pupils have played the instruments. Joe has been building up the confidence each week and introducing new chords.

The pupils can now now play three chords: C, Fsus and a recent addition of G7. This is a tricky chord as it involves three fingers spanning three separate strings.

Joe has guided the class members through changing chords. We found that a useful way to achieve this was to strum with our eyes closed. This allows the ukulele players to use their instinct, rather than worry about where their fingers should be.

Our recent session saw Year 4 introduced to the song La Bamba. This uses all three chords and is played at a very fast pace! The pupils are working towards an end of term ukulele performance.

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