Learning to Tell the Time in Year 1

Year 1 are focussing on measurements as part of our current maths lessons. We have looked at distance and weight. The children are now learning about time.

This work started by looking at an analogue clock. The class members were asked to identify the big and the small hand, and then count each hour in sequence.

This led to a practical activity. Each pupil has made their own clock. A circle was cut out of paper. The numbers were added with the correct spacing. Finally we added the two hands so that we could show what time of day it is.

Another activity for this topic has involved sequencing our school day. The Year 1 children were asked to think about some of the key moments in our daily routine.

These were then put together in the correct order. Diagrams and a short description for each activity was added. The next stage will involve the children thinking about what time each event happens.

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