Y4 Ancient Roman Research & Winter Concert Rehearsals

The Year 4 pupils have continued with their Ancient Roman topic with English and art activities. Our English work has involved looking at what happened when the Pompeii volcano erupted.

Each class member has written a descriptive passage. This work required planning and editing. The pupils were asked to show examples of some of the clues that showed the volcano might erupt.

Our Ancient Roman artwork has looked at the use of mosaics. We have seen how many Roman households used these as a floor covering.

The Year 4 pupils designed their own mosaic using paper and a pencil. These designs were then copied using some colourful mini tiles.

Finally attention is turning to the Key Stage 2 Winter Concert. Year 4 are working with our music teacher Noura to rehearse Search the Sky on Christmas Eve. This is a song that is popular in Poland.

Recent rehearsals have focussed on the pace of the song. This changes from being very quiet to becoming loud and uplifting! The next task is to add in some actions and some dance moves.

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