Year 6 Middle East Humanities Research

Year 6 are researching the Middle East during their current humanities lessons. Our work has addressed the question: what makes the Middle East an amazing part of the world?

We have looked at different areas of society to answer this question. We held a class discussion covering economics, geography, religion, history and languages.

This led to the pupils defining what is meant by a civilisation. We looked at the concept of survival compared to a society that works together. Notes from our research have been written up.

English learning in Year 6 continues with the book There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. Each pupil has written a poem based on the main character of Bradley Chalkers.

Our poems have included adjectives, metaphors and similes. Each verse addresses one part of the very confusing character of Bradley Chalkers.

Finally the countdown to the Year 6 percussion concert at the Royal Festival Hall is underway. This takes place at the end of January. Both classes are in full rehearsal mode.

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