Nursery Doctor’s Surgery, Silly Soup and Phonics Learning

The Nursery children are reading Jesus’ Christmas Party as we countdown to the end of term. This helps to explain why Christians celebrate Christmas.

This has led to the children thinking about how we look after young babies. A Doctor’s Surgery has been set up in the classroom. The children are exploring the different resources.

We are also reading the books Oi Dog and Oi Frog. These are fantastic books to support our phonics learning.

The children are looking at rhyming words. We are learning how to recognise similar sounds. Class teachers Catherine and Deanna have helped the children to focus on their listening skills.

The phonics Silly Soup activity helps with this learning. The children are asked to choose two items of the large soup bowl that rhyme. An example is a fox and a pair of socks. We will extend this work to introduce letter sounds later in the year.

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