Year 3 Winter Recorder Concert Rehearsals

Year 3 are in full rehearsal mode for the Michael Faraday Winter Concert. Each week we are joined by our expert music teacher Danny for recorder tuition.

The children will be playing a short recorder piece as part of the concert. This is quite an achievement as Year 3 were introduced to the recorders at the start of the term.

Team games usually start our sessions. A recent lesson started with a new song being sung about Rover the dog. A handbell was passed around the class circle to keep the rhythm. The pupil left holding the bell at the end of the song was invited to tap out the rhythm on the tambourine.

It was then time to work on our descant recorder skills. Danny started with a follow and repeat exercise. The children were able to identify the notes B, A and G from our Winter Concert song Sleepless Nights.

Some actions were added into the song to show the difference between high, middle and low notes. We finished by looking at some musical notes and how they represent different types of rhythm.

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