Year 5 Snow Queen Story and British Museum Visit

The Year 5 pupils are preparing for a special performance of The Snow Queen. We are looking forward to welcoming some professional actors into our school for an end of term theatre treat.

The pupils have worked on understanding the story and sequencing it together. Each class member has written a short paragraph to describe what is taking place at each stage. The focus was to include subordinate clauses.

Plenty of editing has taken place. The pupils were given the responsibility to self-edit and to try an improve their work. Speech, grammar and punctuation were all key points.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and both classes enjoyed a visit to the British Museum. This was part of our history topic learning about Ancient Greek civilisation.

The class members were thrilled to see the Elgin Marbles. We held a debate back in class. Each pupil was asked to consider if the Elgin Marbles should remain in the UK, or be handed back to Greece.

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