Year 3 Examine Rocks for Spring Science Learning

Spring term science lessons in Year 3 have started with a study of various rocks. Our early learning has looked at how different rocks are formed.

The pupils were introduced to the idea of igneous rocks. We learnt how these are formed when magma solidifies.

Year 3 researched this process and discovered that this process can happen in two ways. Igneous rocks can be formed when magma rises up from the hot centre of the earth. This forms a solid when it is close to the surface. The pupils also found that igneous rocks can form when lava outside of the earth’s crust cools down.

Some of the pupils took this research a stage further and looked into why different rocks have varying grain sizes. Our research showed us that this is related to where the rocks were formed.

Future Year 3 science lessons will explore sedimentary rocks and fossils. We are also looking forward to a trip to the Museum of London where we hope to see some of these resources at first hand.

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