Year 4 Virtual Pets and New Ukulele Songs!

Year 4 are the first pupils in the school to use a new coding software package called Scratch. This allows users to create a virtual pet using different commands. Coding is then used to make our virtual pets behave like real world animals.

The first step involved choosing which type of animal we would like as a virtual pet. As well as cats, dogs and goldfish, it was interesting to see one choice of a pet lion!

Scratch allows the pupils to change the appearance of their online pet. User have to care for their new virtual friend with daily feeding and offering water. In return the pet learns to respond on screen, depending on the coding that we use.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our weekly ukulele lessons have started up once again after the Christmas break. Ukulele teacher Joe congratulated the pupils on a fantastic performance at the Michael Faraday Winter Concert. We are looking forward this term to learning some new chords, some new songs and planning for future concerts.

This work started the first week back with an introduction to the Aretha Franklin song R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Joe spoke with the pupils about the background to the song. Some of the pupils were able to add in detail about the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.

We then considered the structure of most songs with a verse, chorus, verse and chorus. Joe reminded the Year 4 pupils of some of the chords we already know. Class members were able to show which finger, fret and strings are played.

Future weeks will be spent progressing with our new song. This was a promising start!

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