Year 5 English, Geography and Recorders!

Year 5 have started the new term researching the Antarctic expeditions made by Ernest Shackleton. The starting point for our work was to look at the explorer’s original newspaper advert when he was recruiting team members.

We then looked at the various roles that needed to be filled. These included jobs such as seaman, surgeon and navigator. Each class member was assigned a role. We then wrote a letter stating why our skills would be suited to the jobs.

Geography learning in Year 5 has started with an introduction to rivers. We have looked at some of the major rivers that flow throughout the UK. These have been labelled in our books.

All class members have also completed their New Year resolutions. These include pledges of how we would like to continue with our learning. A class display to remind us of these resolutions is on show.

Finally we are continuing with our weekly treble recorder lessons with Danny. Our first lesson back for the new term saw the pupils playing their first ever musical scale.

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