Year 6 Stage Climate Change School Assembly

Year 6 staged an impressive assembly during the first week of the new spring term. The broad theme for our presentation was climate change. This is an idea that the pupils decided on themselves.

Five groups were set up. Each group was asked to vote on which aspects of climate change they would like to address in the assembly.

Research then followed to find out more about our chosen subjects. This was an independent piece of work with the pupils encouraged to organise their own ideas and presentations. Artwork and PowerPoint resources were produced for the assembly.

The findings from our research were shared during the assembly. The five topics covered included:

Global warming and Extinction Rebellion

Bush Fires

London flooding

Climate denial and

How we can all make a positive change.

This was a fantastic assembly from the Year 6 pupils in such a short space of time. All class members worked very hard to prepare their ideas during the three days leading up to the assembly.

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