Chinese New Year Celebrations in Year 5

Year 5 were inspired by Zoe’s Year 4 class assembly on the Chinese New Year. This led us to carry out some research on some of the traditions that will be celebrated around this time of year.

We are fortunate to have some class members who have a Chinese family background. They have spoken about some of the traditions that they enjoy taking part in around the Chinese New Year.

Sophie’s Year 5 class have created some Chinese New Year lucky fish. This was a delicate exercise that involved cutting out a fish shape in the centre of a piece of card. Layers of coloured tissue paper were added to create the fish scales.

Meanwhile Elspeth’s Year 5 class are continuing with their learning based around the explorer Earnest Shackleton. Our artwork has seen the pupils painting some of the animals found on the expedition. We are also working on a grand project of painting Shackleton’s ship.

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