Year 1 Create Moving Image Fairytale Books

Year 1 are exploring different fairytales as part of our spring term English topic. We have looked at traditional stories and some of the alternative versions. This has led the children to writing their own stories with a slight twist on the original tale.

We have used our art time in Year 1 to create some moving image fairytale stories. Stories such as the Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood have been recreated. We added in moving paper parts to make the stories come to life.

Our friends from Reception were invited to enjoy our books. The Year 1 children demonstrated how the stories work.

Year 1 are also involved in an exciting storytelling workshop with our friends from Shakespeare’s Globe. This five week project involves experts from The Globe visiting our school to help with our learning.

The children are looking at Shakespeare’s The Winter Tale story. Our early sessions have focussed on the characters and how they feel throughout the story. Year 1 have used drama to explore emotions such as jealously and anger.

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