Year 2 Write Persuasive Letters to Support Wildlife

Year 2 are continuing with their English learning based around the book The Journey Home. This contains a powerful message about conservation. It helps the children to understand some of the changes that are taking place around our planet.

This has inspired the pupils to try and make a difference. We are keen to make a contribution to the World Wildlife Fund to help endangered species. Our class research has show how orang utans, elephants, polar bears and pandas are particularly under threat.

Each class member has planned and written a letter to Head Teacher Karen. We have used some persuasive language to ask Karen if the school would be able to make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.

The children have used new vocabulary in their letters such as extinct and destroy. The letters were planned out with a structure. Some self-editing then took place.

You can listen to a group of Year 2 children reading our their letters in the recording below.

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