Year 4 ICT Coding, Maths and Library Time

Year 4 are continuing with their ICT coding sessions. This is an advanced part of the curriculum that requires logic, patience and a sense of imagination!

We are working to build and control our own virtual pets. The pupils are using the software Scratch. This is a flexible package that allows users to build up a sequence of codes and instructions.

The first step involved creating an online virtual pet. A library of characters was available. Each class member customised their pet by choosing the costume and sounds. A setting was then added, as well as some props.

The challenging part of the coding then took place. The Year 4 pupils are working on adding in variables to control how their pet behaves. We have added in random sequences for an element of surprise.

The pupils have picked up the basics of coding incredibly fast. They are debugging their own code to smooth our any errors. This is a complex area of the curriculum that is being carried out in a fun environment.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our maths work is improving using some of the ideas using the White Rose Maths resources. The current focus is on subtracting four digit numbers.

Finally the Year 4 pupils look forward to every Friday afternoon when they get to make a book choice from the Michael Faraday library. Our stock is continually being updated with new titles. The children stamp their books out, or renew them for some extra reading time.

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