Recognising Achievements in Weekly School Assembly

There was plenty to celebrate at a recent Achievement assembly. Pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 come together each Friday morning. Class teachers are asked to choose two children who have had an outstanding week.

This can include academic achievements, or more general success stories such as helping friends and being a good class member.

We heard in our recent assembly how some pupils have made good choices during the week. They have shown respect to both staff and students.

Other pupils were praised for making an effort with their attendance and punctuality. One pupil was mentioned for demonstrating bravery during our weekly swimming lesson.

Perseverance was mentioned with a pupil trying hard to improve their handwriting. It was good to hear how other students are trying to make the right decisions throughout the day.

One of the classes chose their two achievers. They were asked to think who has impressed them with their positive attitude during the week.

Deputy Headteacher Sarah presented each achiever with a special sticker. Words of encouragement were given to help all pupils achieve in the week ahead.

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