Top Tips for Developing Speech and Language: February

Our Speech and Language Team at Michael Faraday is keen to pass on some guidance for parents and carers.


Supporting Communication

Did you know about one million children in the UK have long term, persistent communication difficulties? Additionally, in areas of social deprivation, more than 50% of children start school with delayed language.

Supporting communication development is easy when you know how, however many parents report that they’re not confident in knowing what children should be doing at different ages and stages, or how to support good language skills and spot those children who might be struggling.

Language development doesn’t happen by accident. Children need adults to support their language and communication development. The more we know and understand about language and how it develops, the better position we’re in to help.

It doesn’t take lots of thought or planning. Communication is everywhere, so can be supported in all activities by making slight changes to what you’re already doing to make it even better.

Attending a free training session with a speech therapist will help. Talk to your school SENCO about training sessions at Mary Sheridan Centre or Sunshine House or visit this useful Evelina London link.


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