Dragons in the Michael Faraday School Nursery!

The Nursery are having fun learning about dragons! This started with a look at the Chinese New Year. The children were excited after seeing some pictures of traditional Chinese dragons. We decided to look in more detail.

Three books are being read by the children and the staff:

There’s a Dragon in Your Book,

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight and

The Egg.

Reading sessions are very lively! The children are encouraged to use different actions to show what is happening to the dragons. This includes drawing an egg shape, making sneezing sounds and blowing out the dragon fire.

We used The Egg story to think about how baby dragons are born. Dragon puppets were used to help hatch some tinfoil eggs that are in a special Nursery nest. We are also singing Puff the Magic Dragon.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and our phonics learning is continuing. The children are thinking of rhyming words to match their names. We have also started some alliteration learning.

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