Reception Excitement ahead of Golden Hinde Trip

The Reception children are very excited ahead of their trip to the Golden Hinde at Bankside. This will fit in with our class topic learning all about pirates.

We have prepared for the trip by identifying the different parts of a boat. Our trip will include a tour of the Golden Hinde by a pretend pirate! The children will complete activities such as scrubbing the deck.

Our reading work back in class is continuing with the pirate theme. Our current book is Captain Beatlie’s Pirate Party.

Other regular reading work is taking place. Each week the children are asked to choose a book to take home and read.

We would like to thank the parents and carers who were able to attend our recent phonics workshop. This explained the importance of reading one-on-one at home each day.

Elsewhere in Reception and our maths work has looked at capacity. The children have looked at terms such as empty, half and full. We are also using pirate objects to help with addition and subtraction.

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