Year 4 English Work Based Around Black Dog Book

Year 4 are reading the mysterious book Black Dog. This tells the story about a dog that grows bigger each time that it becomes scared. The dog grows so large that it can’t fit inside the house where it lives.

The only person who is not afraid of the dog is the main character, a girl called Small. She helps to calm the dog down and reduce its size.

The pupils have completed plenty of English work based around this book. We have described the main events in the story using some pictures as a prompt. An opinion piece on the plot has also been written.

Year 4 have completed a story mountain. This is a useful visual way to understand what is taking place in the story. Our mountain identifies a problem. We build up to the dilemma at the top of the mountain. A resolution and a story ending is produced at the bottom of the mountain.

The children have also written their own imaginative animal story using some of the ideas in Black Dog. These were planned out and then typed up using the laptops.

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